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Emil Lukas Moment of Process

  • Archive Exhibitions, Archived Education, Exhibition

  • September 30 – December 16, 2001
  • Kidspace

Emil Lukas’ artwork combines simple, known materials with complex, unknowable actions. Gravity, light, chemical reactions, and time are used by the artist to alter simple materials like plaster and paper. Lukas often works on a project not knowing what the final result will be. Importantly for Lukas, it is when these unpredictable forces exert their influence that a pivotal moment of process occurs.

In this way, Lukas constantly tests and expands the parameters of the materials he uses in his art and enables, as he explains, “marks to make themselves.” We hope that you too discovered this exquisite play between materials and process as you explored the artworks and art projects in this exhibition.

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Emil Lukas, Bubble Wrap Painting (detail), 2001