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One Minute Film Festival

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  • May 26, 2013 - January 19, 2014
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The One Minute Film Festival took place annually in a barn outside of a small town in upstate New York, on the first Saturday after the 4th of July, from 2003-2012. On that day, artists, writers, film- and video-makers, and their friends and families would arrive in the afternoon with food and drink and a one-minute movie. After sunset, everyone took their seats and the movies began, usually lasting two or three hours, and afterwards people danced. Many people camped out, others made the late night drive home, and more would stay in nearby inns or at friends in the Narrowsburg, NY, area, in western Sullivan County, near the Pennsylvania border. The festival was organized and hosted by artists Jason Simon and Moyra Davey.

The festival samples a decade through the participation of hundreds of makers: ten years spanning the extremes of George Bush and Barack Obama, of YouTube and the near ubiquity of video within cultural institutions. Using the festival as a backdrop for reflections on moving image art practices, the book takes the festival’s eponymous time signature, in combination with its production of the social (more festive than festival), as a critical frame for contributors. The exhibition will celebrate the 10 years of the festival, including a special exquisite corpse film for year 10. This hour-long film was created by artists each receiving the last second of a previous film and building a new minute based on that glimpse.

Participating artists include Peggy Ahwesh, Judith Barry, Gregg Bordowitz, Todd Beecraft, Chris Brunt, Megan Cump, Eric Davis, Peter Cole, Anna Craycroft, Adam Simon, Shit TV, Robert Williams, Sowon Kwon, Alex Yalakidis, Martin Beck, Moyra Davey, Ewa Einhorn, Su Friedrich, Alice and Della Wilsey, Angel Nevarez, Bill Burns, Aaron Namenwirth, Anna Hansflen, Andrea Fraser, Daphne Fitzpatrick, Josiah McElheny, David Dempewolf, Bill Stone, Myrel Chernick, Jimmie Durham, Jon Kessler, Hope Ginsburg, Jennifer Montgomery, Matt Dugan, Lenka Clayton, Klara Hobza, Mark Dion, Christy Gast, Claire Pentecost, Barbara Bergstrom, Perry Bard, Ellen McMahon, Holen Kahn, Sam Lewallen, Roddy Bogawa, J. Morgan Puett, Dana Sherwood, Amy Yoes, Valerie Tevere, Matthew Buckingham, Liza Philips, Karin Felbermayer, Jorge Colombo, Andrea Geyer, Julie Ault, Sean Reynard, Francis Cape, Bob Braine, Francisca Benitez, Raina Benoit, Catherine Berg, Jacob Borndal, Pat Carullo, Dennis Balk, Cathy Clarke, Anne Colvin, Shea Craig, Megan Cump, Pradeep Dalal, Richard Elovitch, Kelly Fancher, Erik Freeland, Marc Ganzglass, Dave Gearey, Michael Gitlin, Chelsea Goodchild, Mitchell Goodman, Jackie Goss, Thersa Hackett, John Haskell, Sharon Hayes, Liza Johnson, Iain Kerr, Athena Kokoronis, E.M, Langer, Eli Langer, Jerry Lerner, Lana Lin, Lan Thao Lam, Jeff Luckey, Keith Malik, Babette Mangolte, Amanda Mattes, Yvette Matern, Richard & Eric Metzgar, Ulrike Muller, Julia Murray, Molly Nesbit, Jaye Nydick, Jason Protass, Michael Owens, Rebecca Purcell, Gary Graham, William Bryan Purcell, George Quasha, Lucy Raven, Fay Ray, Larilyn Sanchez, Jeff Silva, Sherry Williams, Pawel Wojtasik, S. Wolle and hundreds of others.

Installation view of the One Minute Film Festival, 2013.
Photo by Arthur Evans