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Marko Remec Totally Totem

  • Exhibition

  • On view June 15, 2013 - June 20, 2016

In conjunction with the 2013 Solid Sound Festival at MASS MoCA, New York-based conceptual sculptor Marko Remec created Totally Totem — an outdoor installation consisting of five works sited on the MASS MoCA grounds.

Referencing the social functions of indigenous totem poles of the Pacific Northwest, Remec adheres ready-made objects such as mops, brooms, safety mirrors, and rear-view mirrors to utility poles, transforming them into contemporary totems. As recorders of the present, the works speak to facets of the urban and suburban condition, surveillance and paranoia, narcissism and indifference, and the complex relationship between the built and natural worlds. Remec expands this concept in the site-specific work Can’t Hear You (Fat Totem), which features over 500 convex mirrors wrapped around a massive water tower. The mirrors’ usual use for safety and security is abandoned, the tower becoming a dizzying, world-absorbing spectacle.