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Kidspace Opening Reception Defining Moments


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  • Sunday, June 26, 10am–1pm
  • Free for all
  • Kidspace

Join us for the Opening Reception of Kidspace’s new exhibition, Defining Moments featuring the work of artists Shaun Leonardo and Bruno Miguel. Explore the exhibition and make some art of your own.

Admission to Kidspace is always free; the ArtBar is open on weekends and during school breaks.

Join us later in the day for a performance by Cirque Kalabanté, which combines breathtaking acrobatics with live music, the perfect summer afternoon for the whole family at 4pm. Learn more and buy tickets here.

The Kidspace exhibition Defining Moments explores how memories are formed, recalled, and visualized. Brooklyn-based multidisciplinary artist Shaun Leonardo and Brazilian pop artist Bruno Miguel share their individual and cultural memories, expressed in a range of mediums from paintings and wall drawings, to mixed media sculpture and collages. Their work delves into the mythic aspects of generational storytelling, the formative role of nostalgia, and the fallibility of collective memory.

About Kidspace
Kidspace is a child-centered art gallery and hands-on studio (ArtBar) presenting exhibitions and educational experiences in collaboration with leading artists. Wendy Red Star’s exhibition continues a 20-year tradition of the program to focus on contemporary social issues and expand notions of art and art materials.

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Bruno Miguel, 76 from the series Essas Pessoas na Sala de Jantar (These People in the Dining Room), 2012-2014
Spray paint, cold porcelain, polyurethane foam, wire, acrylic resin and paper mache on porcelain bought at an antiques auction