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It’s Only Human

  • Education

  • June 14, 2014 – May 25, 2015
  • Kidspace

It’s Only Human, which was on view in Kidspace, examined the human figure from the inside — an unexpected and often unfamiliar perspective apart from the medical and scientific world. The exhibition presented the works of two internationally-acclaimed British artists: Nick Veasey and Marilène Oliver, who both use medical imaging technology to reveal what’s going on underneath our skin — confronting issues that children (as well as adults) grapple with in everyday life.

Artists Veasey and Oliver use fascinating medical technologies in their work. Exposing the commonalities of our human core in their innovative use of medical imaging equipment, the works reflect on the deeper meaning of the human mind, body, and spirit.

Where Veasey captures images that focus on the human skeleton, Oliver captures organs, flesh, and blood flowing through the body. To render transparent, solid sculptures, the artist combines a range of state-of-the-art medical scanning techniques including CT scans (computed tomography) and MRIs (magnetic resonance imaging) with traditional approaches that include woodcarving and weaving. It’s Only Human focuses on Oliver’s sculptures depicting cross sections of the human body as well as an installation of fluttering prints of the body in movement.

Watch a fascinating short film about Nick Veasey’s artistic process here.

It’s Only Human reminds that beauty is much more than skin deep. Through digitizing the human body with medical equipment, Veasey and Oliver illustrate the complexities of the human body network, creating appealing visual representations of our inner selves. Viewers contemplate issues such as body image, health and wellness, and the similarities between humans.

Complementing Veasey and Oliver’s works, the exhibition includes a gallery guide as well as interactive, art-making, and mindful activities.

Download the It’s Only Human Educators’ Guide here.

Nick Veasey, Skeleton Disc Jockey, 2014

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