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Jarvis Rockwell

  • NYC Benefit Auction 2018

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Jarvis Rockwell
Maya, 2018
Mixed media

North Adams-based artist Jarvis Rockwell has been collecting toys for decades, incorporating them into works from aquarium-sized dioramas, to his massive Maya, installed at MASS MoCA in 2001. In anticipation of his new installation Us, opening at MASS MoCA in November, Rockwell revisited Maya with this new stepped-pyramid sculpture. Like his 2001 installation, these constructions draw on the Hindu concept of maya, defined in part as “the power of a god or demon to transform a concept into an element of the sensible world; the illusory appearance of the sensible world.” For Rockwell, the “beings” on each structure–and their relationships to one another–stand in for our own spirituality and desire.