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Members Opening Reception Ledelle Moe

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  • Saturday, December 14, 5:30–7pm
  • $20 General Admission
    Free for Members

Join us on December 14 to celebrate the opening of Ledelle Moe: When.

Ledelle Moe’s weathered, monolithic heads and figures variously bring to mind the relics of an ancient civilization or statues toppled in the wake of political upheaval. On close examination, what appears to be timeworn stone reveals itself as concrete, and the massive forms show themselves to be constructed from many smaller sections. One might confuse the colossal objects — joined together with steel seams — with giant dolls shattered and carefully glued back together. Indeed, despite their immense size, they seem fragile. Hollow, with their interiors at times visible, these imperfect figures — fallen, recumbent, disembodied, marked and scarred with the traces of their making and aging — contradict the usual characteristics of traditional monuments and memorials. At the same time, they prompt questions about the individuals we choose to honor and remember.

RSVP: 413.664.4481 x 8112 or members@massmoca.org

Ledelle Moe
Memorial (Collapse), 2005-06
concrete and steel
8 x 12 x 9 feet each
Courtesy of the artist