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Color Forms II The Basic Utensils

  • Education

  • March 26 – September 5, 2011
  • Kidspace

Color Forms II: The Basic Utensils featured works by artists Soyeon Cho and Lisa Hoke, whose hallmark is making beautiful, complex, and colorful installations out of inexpensive everyday materials, primarily plastic food utensils, boxes, paper cups and plates, and cardboard containers.

Cho used found objects to create sculptures that often reference nature such as flowers and bird aviaries. Hoke used massive quantities of disposable packaging and disposable products to form bold, ambitious, abstract patterned sculptures and three-dimensional collages and assemblages.

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Lisa Hoke, Love, American Style (detail), 2011
75′ × 11′ × 3′, cardboard and paper, glue and rivets

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