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Wall Drawing 391

  • Sol LeWitt

  • Sol LeWitt

Two-part drawing. The two walls are each divided horizontally and vertically into four equal parts. First wall: 12-inch (30 cm) bands of lines in four directions, one direction in each part, drawn in black India ink. Second wall: Same, but with four colors drawn in India ink and color ink washes.

April 1983

India ink and color ink wash

Musée d’Art Contemporain de Bordeaux (CAPC)

First Installation

Musée d’’Art Contemporain de Bordeaux, Bordeaux

First Drawn By

Salah ‘Abid, Jean-Luc Arvers, Michel Harismendy, David Higginbotham, Jean Marie Perrier, Francois Robert, Anthony Sansotta

MASS MoCA Building 10
Second Floor