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Marin Kosut: Art Monster


  • Public Program

  • Thursday, August 22, 6pm
  • $5 Advance
  • The Research & Development Store

Why do people choose the life of an artist, and what happens when they find themselves barely scraping by? Why does New York City, even in an era of hypergentrification, still beckon to aspiring artists as a place to make art and remake yourself? Hear from author Marin Kosut in the R&D Store at this Summer Chalet Book Event.

Art Monster: On the Impossibility of New York takes readers to the margins of the professional art world, populated by unseen artists who make a living working behind the scenes in galleries and museums while making their own art to little acclaim. Writing in a style that is by turns direct and poetic, personal and lyrical, Marin Kosut reflects on the experience of dedicating your life to art and how the art world can crush you. She examines the push toward professionalization, the devaluing of artistic labor, and the devastating effects of gentrification on cultural life. Her nonlinear essays are linked by central themes — community, nostalgia, precarity, alienation, estrangement — that punctuate working artists’ lives. The book draws from ten years of fieldwork among artists and Kosut’s own experiences curating and cofounding artist-run spaces in Bushwick, Bedford-Stuyvesant, and Chinatown. At once ethnography, memoir, tirade, and love letter, Art Monster is a street-level meditation on the predicament of artists in the late capitalist metropolis.

About the Author:
Marin Kosut has published fiction and nonfiction in Vol. 1 Brooklyn, Cabinet Magazine, Hobart, Rejection Letters, and elsewhere. She founded Pay Fauxn, a gallery in an abandoned pay phone shell at a Brooklyn bus stop. A MacDowell fellowship recipient, she holds a PhD in sociology from the New School and teaches the sociology of art at SUNY Purchase College. She lives in Brooklyn.

A Summer Chalet Book Event