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La Seca: Armando Guadalupe Cortés and M. Elijah Sueuga


  • Exhibition

  • February 3 & 4, 4pm
  • Free with museum admission

This collaborative performance by M. Elijah Sueuga and Armando Guadalupe Cortés—whose work is on view in the exhibition Ceramics in the Expanded Field—converges on the artists’ interest in sound as well as a shared geography. La Seca refers to the dry season in a vast region that stretches through Mexico and into the U.S. southwest. Sueuga’s ancestral homeland lies at the north and Armando’s at the southern end. In this call and response, Sueuga responds to Cortés’ work, Castillos, with a video projection and a sonic composition that frames la(s) Seca(s) as a prelude of change to come. Cortés replies to Sueuga’s work in a performance within the installation.

This performance is free with museum admission, which can be purchased here. Museum admission is always free for members. Not yet a member? Become one here.

Courtesy of the artist