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Siudy Garrido’s Intimate Flamenco Co-Presented with Jacob’s Pillow


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  • Saturday, April 27, 2024
  • $42 Advance
    $52 Week of
    $74 Preferred
  • Hunter Center

Flamenco Íntimo (Intimate Flamenco), an artistic creation by Siudy Garrido with original music by award-winning Flamenco guitarist Jose Luis de la Paz, delves into the intimate interpretation of personal artistic emotions through the art form of Flamenco. This work, premiered in 2016, and has become a cornerstone in the company’s repertoire, evolving and nurturing from the diverse personal experiences lived over the years.

This performance is a unique fusion of curated Flamenco traditions interwoven into a contemporary vision, evolving as the artist continues her journey. Garrido masterfully integrates Flamenco’s rich history, preserving its authenticity while infusing it with a modern and innovative spirit. The result is a captivating and intimate exploration of Flamenco that harmonizes with both its time-honored legacy and a vibrant, contemporary expression.

Exploring the diverse colors, sensations, and emotions within Flamenco, the suite showcases various styles (Palos) of this art form with vigor. Garrido, accompanied by her company’s leading dancers and master musicians, takes the audience on a journey through movement that seamlessly intertwines the past, present, and future, offering a fresh and exciting choreographic perspective on this ancient art form.

As a choreographer, Garrido blends traditional aspects of flamenco — the rapid-fire footwork, the expressive curvature of the arms and extended fingers, with a sense of modern movement more akin to Martha Graham.San Francisco Voice