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International Slow Art Day

  • Exhibition

  • Saturday, April 14, 2018, 11am-2pm

Did you realize that the average viewer spends only 10 seconds in front of a work of art? Patrons joined us for the afternoon as we slowed it down so they could really get to know us. They cleared their minds and checked their phones at the door, taking part in all or some of the following activities:

11-11:30am – Warm-Up: Guided Insight Exercises

Warmed up with several insight exercises that helped clear distractions and set intentions for decelerating one’s pace.

11:30am-12pm – Reflective Walking Tour

Walked silently through the museum’s galleries to hone one’s sensory perception skills as one became more alert to the various contexts in which we experience art objects.

12-1pm – Slow Viewing Tours

Spent an hour, as a group and individually, to consider a single work of art.

1-2pm – Slow Art Sip + Sip

Followed the slow art experience with a discussion over coffee, and considered how one might apply slow art principles the next time one visits the museum. Created a personal mantra to remind oneself to keep it slow.

Photo by Florian Holzherr