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Faye Webster


  • Saturday, February 26, 8pm
  • $22 Advance
    $28 Day of
  • Club B10

Atlanta singer-songwriter Faye Webster pairs close, whisper-quiet, home-recorded vocals with the unmistakably intimate vibe of musicians together in a room. Her sound draws as much from the lap-steel singer-songwriter pop of the 1970s and teardrop country tunes as it does from the audacious personalities of her city’s rap and R&B community. Since finding her way onto none other than Barack Obama’s 2020 year-end list, Webster’s status has skyrocketed with her fourth studio album I Know I’m Funny haha dropping in June 2021 to a shower of critical acclaim. With shows selling out across the country, Webster adds a stop in North Adams and you’ll be glad she did.