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Distanced Together

Sound Installation

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  • January 20–February 4
  • Free for all
  • Hunter Center

Distanced Together, composed by MindTravel creator Murray Hidary, is a live performance turned immersive sound installation. Taking the place of 60 musicians will be 60 individual speakers each sounding one instrument spatially, arranged in a circle for patrons to walk around and through; experiencing the music in real-time in a communal space for reflection and healing.

This installation is free for all, museum admission not required.

The work invites audiences on a collective, cathartic, and healing journey tracing the arc of the pandemic. The work explores the heightened emotional challenges of this period, the uncertainty, fear, isolation, and collective longing for connection. Our ever shifting, individual perceptions of time during the pandemic are mirrored in the elasticity of the music composition and referenced by the arrangement of the speakers to resemble a timepiece. Yet, just as during the last few years, the challenges put into stark relief the hope and triumph of the human spirit, serving as a reminder of the light that always follows the darkest times.

Experience Distanced Together live, performed by 12 string quintets in the round on January 27 at 8pm or during Free Day at 2:30 or 4:30pm.