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Deeper Look: Jenny Holzer I Was in Baghdad


  • Jenny Holzer

  • On view through at least 2018

I Was in Baghdad ochre fade, 2007
Oil on linen, 12 elements
33 x 306 x 1.5 in.
83.8 x 777.2 x 3.8 cm

Location: South Hall

In this sworn statement from August 2004, an Iraqi national and U.S. permanent resident describes his arrest, interrogation, and alleged abuse in Iraq in the early days of the war. He states that he approached the U.S. Army in Baghdad to offer his assistance but was instead detained and shuttled among a number of detention centers and prisons. During this time, he says he was robbed of his money, identification, and medicine, subjected to numerous beatings and constant verbal abuse, repeatedly placed in solitary confinement, and finally released in Egypt with serious physical and psychological injuries.

The original source document for this work can be found here.