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  • On view June 23, 2012 - May 27, 2013

Featuring ten internationally acclaimed artists, the works in Curiosity represented a wide range of materials and explored themes that many children are curious about, such as dinosaurs, superheroes, ninjas, cowboys, monsters, and fantasy. The Art Cabaret, an art-making studio, served up inspiring art materials for children to explore at café-style seating.

Additional curiosity-themed exhibitions organized by the Clark and WCMA opened in spring 2013.

Featured artists: Colin Boyd (Troy, NY); Dave DeVries (New Jersey); Gajin Fujita (Los Angeles, CA); Ephraim & Sadie Hatfield (Adams, MA); Alex McLeod (Toronto, Canada); Nathan Sawaya (New York); Muir Vidler (London, England); Yoram Wolberger (San Francisco, CA).

Download the Exhibition Guide here.

Download the Curiosity Curriculum here.