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International Slow Art Day [CANCELLED]

  • Performance

  • Saturday, April 4, 11am
  • Free with admission

In response to COVID-19, this event has been cancelled.

Slow down, you’re looking too fast! Take your time to enjoy slow looking tours, followed by coffee and conversation with Kidspace curator Laura Thompson.

11am-3pm: Slow weaving with local artist Megan Karlen
See the centuries-old process of weaving canvas by hand to better understand the first step to creating a painting. Reflect on essential building blocks of art that often go unnoticed.

11am: Slow Art tour with Curator Laura Thompson
Slow down on a contemplative walk through our expansive galleries, and go in deep with a tour focused on a single work of art.
Meet at info desk

12pm: Slow art-making with educator Dawn Martin
Examine mark-making in Gamaliel Rodríguez’s work by participating in a contemplative drawing exercise.
Gamaliel Rodríguez: La travesía / Le voyage
Building 11, 1st floor

12:30pm: Sound Bath with Sara Auster
A sound bath is a listening experience that uses sound to nurture the mind and body. Join us for this deeply immersive and meditative experience of sound in James Turrell’s Dissolve.
Building 6, 2nd floor

12:45pm: Slow Waltz
A performance piece inspired by the Slow Art movement. Recognize music and dance’s strong connection with slowness not only in tempo, but in emotion and intensity. 5-minute performance.
Building 6, 2nd floor

1pm: Slow Tempo
An interactive workshop exploring slowness in movement, posture, gesture, and in the enduring sensation of just being here. Inspired by the work of Ledelle Moe and led by Peter Kyle, Artistic Director of Peter Kyle Dance, and Assistant Professor of Theater and Dance at Trinity College.
Building 5

2pm: Slow tour and ekphrastic writing with local poet Colin Harrington
A session with slow looking, a short history of haiku, a quiet moment of meditation to enter the mental state conducive to haiku composition.
Meet at info desk

2:30pm: Sound Bath with Sara Auster
See above
Building 6, 2nd floor

3pm: Chi Walking with Sensei Roger
Chi Walking is based on principles of t’ai chi. Explore what happens when you use mindful movement to enhance your day of slow art viewing.
Meet at info desk

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James Turrell, Once Around, Violet (Shallow Space), 1971 Collection of Tallulah Anderson
© James Turrell, Photo by Florian Holzherr

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