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Wall Drawing 1094

  • Exhibition

First Installation

Alfonso Artiaco, Pozzuoli, Italy

First Drawn By

Anthony Sansotta, Angelo Volpe

Wall Drawing 1094 and the related Wall Drawing 1094A, also on display at MASS MoCA, were both completed in 2003. Wall Drawing 1094, first installed in Alfonso Artiaco in Pozzuoli, Italy, is a continuation of Sol LeWitt’s ongoing exploration of isometric forms or shapes that appear protrusive and suggest at once space and flatness. LeWitt has repeatedly come back to isometric shapes in a number of mediums, including pencil, gouache, ink washes and acrylic. Each rendering plays with surface and suggests the possibilities of three-dimensionality without compromising the inherently flat medium of drawing.

The central form in Wall Drawing 1094 is rendered in gray, yellow, red, and blue scribbles. The contrast of the isometric form and the drawing technique evidences both a tightly controlled vision of geometry and a loose hand-made quality. The layering technique employed in this work allows the viewer to make out the planes of the form. The use of the four basic colors dates back to LeWitt’s early pencil and ink drawings. These colors are the basic units for both commercial and fine art print processes and indicate LeWitt’s commitment to employing a simple and standardized means to making work.

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